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thebig C

Jesus H christ. All this cribbing over 10,000sqm! That is about the size of your average district centre which comprises usually an anchor supermarket such as Dunnes or Tesco along with 10-20 smaller shops such as Chemists, florists, Dry Cleaners etc!!

I can’t believe all the moaning about this considering the substantial ammount of retail warehousing already on site and land zoned for offices and a hotel, which won’t be built now! It makes a bit of sense to locate a supermarket here rather then at another greenfield site. Granted there are alot of issues with this and other land around Carrickmines!

This development is just accross the bridge from Foxrock. There is actually no full line supermarket there. This is perhaps the closest site. Unless you “ecomentalists” would rather people drive gas guzzlers further to shop!

Also, the political egde to some of the posts is sickening. All development is not bad! And don’t make me laugh about your attempts to cannonise Gormley. He has at this stage broken so many promises and principles that he really is sinking lower then his FF bedfellows…..and previously I thought that would be impossible!

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