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thebig C

Hey all

Firstly, in relation to comments I made regarding people who are against any form of development, I wasn’t refering to any posters archiseek:)) But, I do feel that such people do exist.

Secondly, I would broadly agree with the need for a properly planned community sited at Cherrywood. However, that aint going to happen any time soon. And if we are to judge by history, any such development won’t have the necessary facilities but social and commercial for years to come. I am speaking as somebody who grew up in Tallaght. This was supposed to be one of the 3 “New towns” in the 1960s. Yet only in the 2000s did it aquire anything like the amenities of a town.

Therfore, allowing the development of a small “interim” centre at The Park would not be a bad idea. And, as has been pointed out, the immediate area is fairly well served by public transport.

Strangley, I had consistantly heard that Superquinn was linked to a potential development at Carrickmines. Indeed, they were previously linked to Leopardstown SC where Dunnes are now. I thought that Park Developments were part of the Consortium that bought Superquinn, but maybe I am mistaken?

I would also like to echo what other posters are saying about Dun Laoghaire. I have always found the Main St to be very drab. There are suprisingly few nice restaurants there and even fewer shops. That just leaves the countless fast food outlets and the hideous shopping centre. Speaking of which, I have heard that an impressive range of Victorian buildings were demolished to make way for this development. Pearson makes refence to in in his book “Between the Mountains and Sea” but I don’t thin there is a picture.

Furthermore, the failure to redevelop/improve the Harbour area during the boom when money was readily available will be regarded as a missed opportuinity. But I don’t want to open that can of worms!! I don’t think you can cast the failure of Dun Laoghaire as a town centre as an indigenous Irish vs International retailer issue. Its simply that a rot has set in for a long time.


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