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What is it about seaside towns and the lack of sustainable rengeneration; this is not just an Irish concept but all but the uber-fshionable former port towns have seriously lagged over the past 15 years; I would add that the Royal Marine is also part of the problem when it should have been a massive asset to the town given its views and history. The key issue for Dun Laoghaire is that until Dundrum came along it was the largest retail provision in the county; recent research in the UK indicates that many retailers would be a lot more profitable trading only the top 30-50 retail locations in the UK (by footfall) versus the 200 shops most have in their portfolios; taking that on an Irish scale and Dun Laoghaire simply will never get over the opening of Dundrum unless they find a coherent niche market.

Frank what size is the Dunnes in Ballyogan? would it be more 2,000 sq m or 6,000 sq m; the rest of the scheme looks very much neighbourhood provision?

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