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Did they?

12.12: “I do however have some reservations about the bulk of the proposed tower and in particular of its proportions. As stated earlier it has a width of 30m and length of 50m and height of 67.5m -71m. As such even when viewed from the narrow side, it does not have the ¼ width/height ratio which makes a tall building elegant”

“The footprint of the proposed tower block shall be reduced by reduction of its width and length by 10m each”

Reason: “in the interest of visual amenity”

I’d go along with this, proportionally, the building is too bulky to adequately distinguish itself from the rest of the scheme – a problem one can see in many similar schemes on the outskirts of Birmingham etc.
I find a tall building necessary for a scheme such as this (not that the one proposed is anything fantastic), but as the report points out:

“The employment zone buildings by necessity are bulky structures, with similar heights (13-17.5m), and are usually surrounded by large expanses of car parks. As a result they usually create rather monotonous and sometimes windswept urban-scapes, inhospitable as pedestrian environments. In this case location of bulk of the car parking underground, provision of pedestrian links and hard and soft landscaped open spaces, help improve the general layout, and the quality of the space”

“The tower building with a height of 67.5-71m and located within a relatively large open space and as a vista at the end of pedestrian routes would in my view provide a much needed relief from the monotony referred to above”

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