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@Frank Taylor wrote:

The sad thing is that Bailey has spent huge amounts over the past decade promoting himself and is now likely to be elected to the next Dáil on a FG upswing. Maybe he’ll be the next planning minister.

Imo, Ombudmans report stating Leinster House can no longer hold Cabinet to account + financial treachery of NAMA = broken formula.

No difference between maFFia and blueshirts. Political perspective that is begotten in the grave of a shared bankrupt ideology that has, and continues to fail the citizens of what should be a republic. A false dichotomy.

Still if the rot continues, and in my opinion it is now far worse in the absence of penalty, wouldn’t it nonetheless be appropriate, yet another symmetry; we could have a Bailey as planning minister while the Bailey brothers continue to turn up at the Planning Tribunal… and our children’s bare feet and hungry stomachs will be such a collective civic badge of respect to be able to acknowledge such men of importance. Bastards.

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