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Ok, well that’s a point. But I think you could further stress its uniqueness by making it a less boring plan. We have all these Georgian buildings and historic laneways and the like; wouldn’t it be a lot better if they did a Powerscourt kind of thing where you stress the historical fabric, and you have a series of covered laneways and arcades giving the whole scheme a sense of being a little more upmarket?

I actually think one of the most important things they could do in Limerick to bring people into the city is to focus on aesthetic issues. I thought the city development plan was a great vision. Look how many more people frequent Thomas Street and Bedford Row now. If they focused on details like pavement, appropriate windows, lampposts, wires on buildings, and shopfronts, then Limerick could have a sense of quaintness which would draw people in. I mean it almost makes me cry to compare the potential of William Street with its reality. If you dealt with all the above issues on this street, you could have a completely unique and beautiful Georgian commercial street that people would specifically come to Limerick to visit.

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