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@KeepAnEyeOnBob wrote:

I still think it’s just like a more modern and larger scale version of Arthur’s Quay. . . I can’t see it adding much more to the city either.

Surely it much more important than that!

The whole dilemma with this scheme was that people, who care about reinforcing the city centre, want to see uses like this located where they belong – in the city centre, but not at any cost, and certainly not at the cost of demolishing almost everything in sight.

The breakthrough with this revised scheme (as described in the text anyway) is that they appear to have found a way to accommodate, both a fancy new shopping centre, and a regeneration of the existing building stock, in the one scheme.

OK, there might still be a bit too much ‘facade retention’ as opposed to ‘building conservation’ in it and it could all turn into a Limerick version of Marks & Spencers’ Duke St. re-make, but it’s still a dramatic advance on what it was going to be.

Had the scheme been refused, due the carnage of historic structures and streetscapes, it would have reinforced the false perception that mega development, like fancy new shopping centres, are incompatible with city centre locations, and incompatible with conservation!

That could have been almost as devastating an outcome as permitting the development and bulldozing the block!

We don’t often get good news, can we not just enjoy it for a few days?

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