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@CologneMike wrote:

Personally I would expect the “same conditions” to be re-applied as in the first approval and similar protective conditions for the Quin building and the former Town Hall.

The Bank Place in layout is nothing but a throw back to the days where the city showed it’s arse to the river.

The entrance / exit for deliveries must be moved to Michael Street (i.e. Former Work Space Building).

Maybe they could instead move the entrance / exit for cars to the opposite side of Michael Street and access to the underground car park per tunnel.

Regeneration Developments would have us believe that Bank Place will be transformed into some sort of idyllic plaza area when in reality there will be a service road ploughing through it!

The internal configuration of the complex will also have to be improved. You simply cant have one of the “landmark entrances” opening onto some department store!

I believe the developers argument against using Michael Street for deliveries etc is that it is too narrow for large trucks and access to the basement via a ramp would be difficult.

Realistically though, if a proper delivery strategy could be agreed, traffic circulation on Michael Street could be managed effectively?

I also hope ABP lays down strict conditions in relation to the Granary as the proposed intervention seems pretty unsympathetic to me anyway!

Attached; Proposed Michael Street elevation.

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