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The Opera Centre debacle takes yet another comical twist!:rolleyes:

I think its a shocking indictment of the shoddy standards in the planning office at City Hall that the board are now looking for more detailed plans. The city planners of course were only too happy to allow this development go through unaltered, with barely any consideration given to the irreparable damage that would be inflicted upon historic building stock!:rolleyes:

I wouldn’t exactly have much sympathy for the loss of rates that the council are suffering, I’d be far more concerned about the battering the city centre’s image is taking as a result of the vast swathe of neglected, boarded up buildings!

Of course if the council had their priorities right, they wouldn’t have allowed this ridiculous situation to develop where tenants were ordered to vacate their premises years before any development took place!:mad:

My sentiments exactly. Madness to dispose/vacate of all the buildings on the premise of ‘something on paper’ ( read previous post) .Greedy people; now all business will/are suffering (including A.Q.) dare I even mention those on Rutland St, Patrick St, Ellen St etc Really, is this a joke,? ABP are playing a game! Is there anyone out there with an answer /brains to accommodate all the needs? I don’t think so, and this forum is now just a ‘lip service’ for those who just wish to nose around (including most of all the insiders).

Can we win. Retain.Regain = don’t think so.

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