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@shanekeane wrote:

What exactly do you want to knock down? All the Georgian buildings on Patrick Street, Rutland Street, and Ellen Street? And are you suggesting that a car park would not be an eyesore?

It is IMO evident that the Opera Cenre will not happen for some time – if ever. What will happen to the buildings during the long wait, they will deteriate beyond redemption or worse still fall down. No-one seems to care how businesses in the area are being effected by the total lack of concern these boarded up builidngs are having on them. Of course I don’t want to see another eyesore such as a car park, but nothing other than a miracle will save the buildings on Rutland St, Patrick St, Ellen St, if they are to be kept as ‘a shrine’ for the next X amount of years, the developers should be made clean them up and make them safe. They cannot be left to the elements. What kind of lunacy was it to run people out of their businesses when in a sense, The Opera Centre was only a picture on a paper. Someone has to be held accountable, aesthetically the streets are a mess and regardless to whether the Centre will happen to-day or 10 years from now we should not have to feel ashamed when visitors on their way to the Hunt or KJC stop to take their pictures of the houses with trees growing out of them..

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