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I wrote some time ago that the proposed Opera Centre would not start for at least another two years, if ever!. The Limerick Post ‘front page’ clarifys this, see views from Tony Connolly, Patrick Street, business man and the confirmation he received from City Hall. This is a continuing disgrace. What is going on? I call on on business persons in the detailed region to bin their demands for rates that may be due, and demand City Council knock the lot as Mr Connolly suggested . Yes open the area as a car park, or just board the lot up.. He is correct in saying the buildings are dangerous. So few of us ‘LOOK UP’, I suggest no-one should walk under No.5 Ellen St, as a serious gale/wind will bring down a beam that is at the moment. being supported by nothing other than a sticking plaster. It will mark my words, surly cause serious injury. In the last months the Fire Brigade have blocked the Street twice, (Ellen St,) four in all, with hatchets trying to gain entry to the boarded up premises (all in the early hours of the morning) this was all due to reported suspected fires being started in the ??? who were burning mounds of paper in the buildings. I looked for media info on this, but there was none! How can the developers/Council get away with such apathy? IT IS a continuing disgrace, but then again, there is after all only a handful of us that give a damm about the affect this disgrace is affecting this lovly city. I believe if one had to walk through the old Town Hall one would not believe the distruction caused by Vandals. Mr Connolly thank you for your highlighting your genuine concerns.

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