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I agree with you there vitruvious, and I had thought that what you describe was the way that shopping centre design was heading. I thought we were moving away from enclosed malls into a new ‘sheltered street’ future.

The internal ‘mall’ with the out-sized glazed entrance on the corner of Patrick St./Ellen St. doesn’t even run all the way through to Bank Place! The big glass box from the images of Bank Place isn’t the northern end of the ‘mall’ spilling out onto the ‘sculpture garden overlooking the river’, but instead is just a department store, or ‘anchor tennant!

Gunter, I was slightly bemused to say the least when I had a look at the floor plans. Like you, I had assumed that the mall snaked its way through the complex from the Ellen Street entrance right through to the Bank Place “plaza area”.

The developers have been making lots of noise about how the opera centre will provide “an attractive new pedestrian thoroughfare accessed through “two landmark entrances”. What utter rubbish! The mall stops well short of Bank Place and ends as you say, at the entrance to the main anchor tenant. I cant believe the planners didnt ask for this to be amended!

This issue could easily be rectified by shifting the anchor unit down to the Ellen Street/Michael Street corner (seen in green below). They could then extend the mall through to Bank Place and split the space originally set aside for the anchor into smaller units.

Altered Floor plan

This is just another flaw in what has been an absolutely shambolic attempt to put together a city centre shopping complex. I had a read through the architectural heritage assessment and also the response to concerns about the demolition of period buildings.

I dont think I’ve ever read a more pathetic attempt to justify the loss of historic building stock. For those of you who havent seen it, it basically uses a whole pile of a waffle in a desperate attempt to beef up an extremely weak argument, that the loss of the Ellen Street Georgians is essential in creating a vibrant streetscape!:confused: This tripe was supposedly written by a professional planning consultant.:o

Probably the best of the lot though, was the fact that they used the example of Cruise’s Hotel as a precedent for the demolition of buildings of historical and architectural significance. I think everyone would agree, that was a horrible mistake!:(

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