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Absolutey agree.
There are very few magnificent Georgian buildings in Limerick.
However, the lesser, quainter, simpler, cheaper buildings of the city are its very fabric – the canvas as it were. They set a tone of quiet sobriety and aspiration to an aesthetic completeness that is/ was very ambitious.

It would be a travesty to interfere with those buildings at Bank Place and Rutland st.
If you enter the city from the Clare (Killaloe) side – the city is pretty much the same as it was 200 years ago form Nicholas St. to Patrick st. (Sarsfield House, which I kinda like, aside) – St. Mary’s cathedral, the courthouse, the old courthouse, the Matthew bridge, bank place, the granary, the custom house etc.

The corner of Bank Place is like a portal or a gateway into Rutland, Patrick, O’Connell st.
As such, it is very, very important to the look and feel of Limerick as a Georgian city.

As well as all that, the height of all of the surrounding buildings is set by this row of buildings.

IF ABP ok’s their demolition – we’ll have to stage a Hume St-esque sit in.

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