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Let me get this straight, Tuborg;

They’re planning to take the elaborate Venetian doorcase belonging to the former Bruce Bank and stick it on no. 4!

What makes them think that the original simple limestone doorcase to no. 4 (matching that on the butchers) isn’t hidden behind that pink and black plywood shopfront?

Would it not be obscene if they ended up hacking out the original, early Georgian, doorcase of no. 4 and then replaced it by the later Georgian doorcase from two door up! . . . and passing this off as ‘conservation gain’?

The ‘Bruce Bank’ door.

I’m have a hard time believing that the ‘Bruce Bank’ doorcase is as late as 1806, but leaving that aside, it’s precisely the early features, the simple door surrounds, the moulded cills and the window proportions, that make the Rutland Street and Bank Place houses so facinating.

The two surviving door surrounds on Pank Place and the matching door from around the corner at no. 1 Rutland Street.

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