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Just a couple of quick observations, That glazed infill building adjacent to the old town hall is much worse that I first thought and those modern shopfronts on the Georgian period buildings look absolutely ridiculous!

Even allowing that the last three photo-montages come out of some CGI bargain basement and, it has to be said, they’re not doing the scheme any favours, surely the Opera Centre’s scale of flashy intervention is way too much, and would be far too dominant and therefore destructive of the coherence of the streetscape

I know that Lubeck example didn’t go down too well:rolleyes:, but here’s an indisputably top-notch example of how to do this kind of thing from Nurnberg.

OK it’s a museum (Neues Museum of Art & Design, opened 2001), not a shopping centre, but the principal of creating dramatic contemporary entrances to open up back-land sites while, at the same time, maintaining a respectful presence in the streetscape, should still apply.

Two or three well crafted re-workings of the neo-Georgian bits of Patrick St./Rutland St., incorporating dramatic new entrances, would surely be a lot more successful, and less destructive of the street’s character and coherence, than what’s been proposed.

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