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@gunter wrote:

Just remember I’m not the one who brought up the subject of rain 😉

What was the old saying Günter? . . . . . in Ireland it only rains twice a week: once for 3 days and once for 4!

@gunter wrote:

. . . but since we’re on the subject of rain, and at the risk of going slightly OT, how exactly did ye in Limerick dispose of your rainfall from the valleys of these double lateral pitched roofed Georgian terraces?

Any ideas?

Or was rainfall so improbable that it didn’t have to be factored in.

Good question . . . . . . I presume there is a drainpipe system built into the chimney stack?

The mind boggles as to how their attics have escaped flooding over last 200+ years especially after an extreme thunder storm i.e. hail-stones followed by buckets of rain!

@vkid wrote:

I cant say i’m sorry to see some of the Ellen Street buildings go either because its a horrid street. Dark, pokey and dingy, the street is too narrow and the light is blocked by the buildings height. Its the one street in the city with Georgian Stock that is just too narrow imo to carry the buildings well. Thats not because of modern developments either, it is a just a very narrow street relative to the likes of O’Connel street or William Street and is all the worse for it. I will be sorry to see the Quinns building go but thats about all..the rest no loss imo.

Entrance Ellen Street / Michael Street

Vkid, if Ellen Street suffers a lack of light due to the height of the existing buildings then surely this will deteriorate more as the new design is apparently higher than it is today. See image above and first image below.

The last image below is a fragment of the first design of Ellen Street. (Ignore that awful proposed entrance to it and Ignore the pedestrian bridge). At least one can imagine how these retained Georgian buildings and the cut-stone buildings could be integrated into the shopping centre. In my opinion if professionally done they would add a touch of real class / charm to the Opera Centre!

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