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I don t see how that development would be in anyway better than whats on offer with the opera Centre. I dont see the issue with glass and if thats the alternative, give me the Opera Centre anyday.

That Lubeck design is truly hideous Gunter and I have to agree with Dave123..what exactly do ye want..restore georgian buildings to their original format, and be left with buildings that are about useful restored as they are in their current state. If people want new life in the city centre then compromise is needed but that yoke in Lubeck is not in any way appealing to me. I’d prefer the glass. People seem to have the idyllic notion of european developments being so much better when in my own experience in the likes of the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK there are way worse examples than whats being proposed here.

I cant say i’m sorry to see some of the Ellen Street buildings go either because its a horrid street. Dark, pokey and dingy, the street is too narrow and the light is blocked by the buildings height. Its the one street in the city with Georgian Stock that is just too narrow imo to carry the buildings well. Thats not because of modern developments either, it is a just a very narrow street relative to the likes of O’Connel street or William Street and is all the worse for it. I will be sorry to see the Quinns building go but thats about all..the rest no loss imo.

My only real concern with the Opera Centre is the rear of the development along side the Granary and the old Workspace..there’s been little mention of that anywhere..and I’m curious to whats the plan for this aspect of the devlopment

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