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I’m gutted. Limerick takes a step closer to being Ireland’s answer to a soulless, UK provincial town; Swansea – anyone?

:rolleyes: Horrible, horrible. Arthur’s Quay on steroids.

There’s so much brownfield in Limerick why destroy a huge chunk of historical stock? It can only be justified by a hatred of Georgian and historic buildings as none of these buildings are derelict given they are in active use (or were up to a year ago or so). The current terrace from the bridge to Ellen St. will be missed. It’s the same idiocy which welcomed the destruction of the old Cannocks building (and most of that block), championed the Sarsfield St. Dunnes, the creation of Liddy St., Arthur’s Quay, etc.. And no, a single restoration along with fascade retention (an 80s concept which at this stage would be laughed at by any enlightened planning dept) does not imply anything but the meanest lip-service to respecting Limerick’s historic structure. This developing is so dated in concept and execution it’s laughable.

Mark my words, in less than 20 years time, people will look at “old” photos of Patrick St. and Ellen St. as they are now and wonder wtf were people thinking?

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