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But this is not the 19th century. As much as people may want it, there will be no manufacturing in the city centre – that is not how modern city centres work. So what is the city centre for, then, but for leisure and living? I don’t see what the problem with that is – it’s the model of every other city in Ireland, and most cities in Europe. I don’t see a lot of manufacturing in central Paris or central Dublin.

It’s not just about young people drinking coffee, but that’s a part of it. The city centre should be a place where people from different areas of the city, and surrounding towns, come to socialize. It should be a place where they can get an atmosphere and facilities they can’t get anywhere else. Again, what’s the problem with that? If you can think of a better, more sustainable use for a historic core of a city, now’s the time.

And I think the appearance of the city centre is crucial, not just because it’ll make more local people want to go there, but because it’ll draw tourism. Another big use for modern city centres is tourism, which draws in money for the further improvement of the lives of its citizens. Limerick has more in the way of historic landmarks and tourist sites than Cork or Galway, yet it gets overlooked because it is thought to be, with some justification, grotty and dank.

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