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I see that Jim Long now expects to go 20 m down before he can commence work proper on building the new centre.
I’d estimate that the bedrock is at most 6 m below the surface. And the water table well above that level.
Considering that the overall footprint of the site is very large, do we really need so many levels of car-parking ?
And at what cost, given the amount of rock needing to be drilled out ? And how much sealing of the perimeter, as well as redirection of drainage from neighbouring sites needs to be done ?

Clearly, our Jamsie is being taken for a ride by the promoter.
To avoid another wart on the Limerick skyline, I’d be happy that Jim and all the rest of the council went on a one-off junket to Milan to see the Galleria Vittorio Emanuale II. If we must have a new shopping arcade, let it be tasteful.

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