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@zulutango wrote:

I don’t agree that Arthur’s Quay Park is a dead Park. I go through there quite a lot and it’s well used.

Ok maybe I’m exaggerating but I don’t think it’s as busy as it should be as the most central public space in the city. I put it down to its location and the fact that it seems to be more concrete than grass.

@zulutango wrote:

There is a big problem in that the road acts as a major barrier to it. The tunnel solution is interesting, but no doubt very, very costly.

The tunnel would be just below the existing road level and would be more of a road through a big basement carpark than a stand alone structure. Basements are standard procedure in new commercial builds so it wouldn’t be terribly expensive.

@zulutango wrote:

Given that it’s very unlikely that anything will happen in this area for a while, perhaps pressure should be brought to bear on the owners of the various disused buildings to do something with them. The old Dunnes Stores is particularly ghastly.

Of course it should be brought to bear but the chances of that happening are slim to none. Just look at Liddy St. as your guide.

@Goofy wrote:

The council has already looked into this idea back in 2008. Look at page 54 of this pdf,8018,en.pdf

Ya my suggestion is a modification of that proposal. I dont think the little square they propose at the O’Connell St. junction is big enough to justify building on Arthurs Quay. Also the orbital route would cut through it, making the riverside area less attractive (in the sense of attracting people across a busy street, as opposed to how it looks), hence the tunnel.

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