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@daire english wrote:

I agree that a park in that area would do alot for the city but why would you incorporate a park in limericks main street when the old dunnes stores is rotting on sarsfield street

I was thinking more of a square like Eyre Square with buildings fronting onto it rather than a park in the Pery Sq sense of the word. The old Dunnes wouldn’t suit my idea of a park as you would have to cross a busy road to get to it from all sides, and as it stands none of the three streets that would front on to it are exactly busy. I think it would become a dead park like Arthurs Quay park is now.

@Griff wrote:

I don’t agree that the Opera centre was too big a development

Maybe I didn’t phrase it right but I dont think it’s too big, just not the right type of development. As I said, a shopping centre hides away all of the shops from the rest of the city but if they were all stand-alone units fronting onto streets they make it seem much busier (in my opinion).

@Griff wrote:

the proposal to refurbish and incorporate neglected Georgian buildings into the scheme was one of its selling points imho

Ya I think the refurbishment would have been a major plus for the character of the city but I was never sure if they were going to just preserve the exterior ( not such a bad idea) or the entire building ( not very suited to modern retail needs).

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