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Griff, I honestly don’t think that access to the city centre is a huge problem, certainly not during trading hours anyhow! Fair enough it’s gets a bit tricky at rush hour etc but that’s to be expected!

The main reason’s that shopper’s are deserting the city centre are a combination of laziness, well documented issues such as beggar’s on the streets, lack of a visible garda presence etc, and of course a now inferior retail offering compared to the likes of the Crescent sc!

@Dan Sullivan wrote:

I’ve heard talk, vague to say the least, about redeveloping Arthur’s Quay and integrating this development with the Opera Centre site. If Mr. Tiernan hasn’t, unlike the other players around town, over extended himself he could develop the Opera centre and move his existing tenants into it and then re-do Arthur’s Quay as prime city centre office space.

I heard something broadly similar Dan, but it didn’t make a whole pile of sense to me. Maybe I just picked it up wrong!

It’s probably just an acknowledgement that there just isn’t the demand for another large scale retail complex as was proposed in the Arthur’s Quay Materplan! Of the two, the Opera Centre is the more viable retail project. Whereas Aurthur’s Quay offers more potential as a mixed use commercial/residential & possibly cultural project.

As it stands the Arthur’s Quay centre is mostly home to small, independent retailers. Hypothetically Tesco would be the only one large enough to take a unit in the Opera Centre. I think the operators would be setting their sights a bit higher than that but maybe this might all have to change now. Although hopefully we won’t have to settle for Arthur’s Quay mark II. 🙁

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