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Just to tie up another loose end which I thought had been sorted long ago but apparently not.

This was an appeal by the owners of the Trinity Rooms nightclub against the compulsory aquisition of a portion of ground on Bank Place to facilitate the development of the Opera Centre.

The inspector actually recommended that the CPO should not go ahead but this was overturned by the ABP board!

Bank Place Area CPO 2008

Decision: Confirm CPO without modifications

Date Signed: 27/11/2009

Reasons and Considerations

Having considered the objections made to the Compulsory Purchase Order and the report of the person who conducted the oral hearing into the objections and having regard to the purposes of the acquisition as set out in the Order, the need to promote the urban regeneration of Bank Place and contiguous areas of the city in accordance with the policies in the Limerick City Development Plan and the relevant Integrated Area Plan, it is considered that the acquisition of the land in question is necessary for the said purposes and that the objections cannot be sustained against the said necessity.

In deciding not to accept the Inspector’s recommendation not to confirm the Compulsory Purchase Order, the Board accepted the case made by the local authority that unencumbered possession of the piece of land on Bank Place, which is part of the public domain of Limerick City Centre, is a reasonable exercise by a local authority of their powers under the Planning and Development Act in order to achieve a comprehensive redevelopment of an area in need of regeneration for the public good, including the upgrading of the public domain.

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