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@gunter wrote:

Those are murky waters to be casting a fishing hook into Tuborg!

Probably better just to thank Christ somebody sorted this all out. The (17) conditions look pretty comprehensive to me, . . . . of course it does all hinge on what exactly was submitted on 1 May.

Yeah I’d probably be opening up a serious can of worms there alright. If anything, the mystery surrounding the final decision perfectly encapsulates the uncertainly that has plagued this project since 2005. Its probably a fitting finale really!

Realistically we’ve got as acceptable an outcome as we could have hoped for and Im certainly glad that a decision has finally been made!


2. The architectural treatment at the junction of Glover’s Lane with Patrick
Street shall be as indicated in the design shown on Douglas Wallace sketch
drawing “Option 1” received by An Bord Pleanála on the 1st May 2009.
Board Direction
Reason: To reflect the historic street pattern of the area

The wording of that condition no. 2 would seem to imply that the applicants submitted several versions of some aspects of the development adopting a ”take your pick” approach. Maybe it could be said that such an approach is lacking in design conviction, but hell, if it works, as it seems to have done here, I don’t know I think I’d be inclined to overlook that 🙂

I wonder what “Option 1” for Glover’s Lane is? This is the laneway that separates Rutland Street and Patrick Street. The initial glazed infill solution was pretty dismal, I presume we’ll now see a setback of any new building here?

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