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There’s a good bit in the OPW’s ever-useful book ‘Building for Government’.
Also the Gallery itself has a book about its history, architecture and development available in its shop if you’re up in Dublin.

Anyone see the newly cleaned facade of the building facing onto Leinster Lawn – probably the only major cleaning job in recent years to go virtually unnoticed.
It’s great to be able to contrast directly with its sooty mirror image across the way, the Ntl History Museum.
It appears there’s a good bit of Portland stone in the facade, the texture & colour of which wasn’t noticable previously, and the frieze along underneath the cornice is now beautifully evident. It’s such a difference; what once was a very dull, cold-looking building has been transformed into a warm, glowing and inviting institution.
The Ntl History Museum is being tackled at the moment – the only problem now is that Leinster House looks manky in the middle 🙂

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