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I think Kerry Bog has managed to paint the picture much better than I ever could. Thanks for that contribution, it is quite valuable to the debate. Having grown up in the countryside myself and left it over a decade ago, I am simply out of touch. When I visit the countryside now, I feel always like one of those visitors you describe. I get these fanciful notions always popping into my head . . . Ah, wouldn’t it be nice . . . And I have to admit, the design standards of the dwelling and how it fits into the context would not be high on my checklist. For that I am trully ashamed of myself, for neglecting the point of view of good sustainable urban design. I have no excuse whatsoever, having been trained as an architect. The only excuse I can offer, is a trip away to the countryside for me, is like a blur. It happens some sunny week, once a year maybe. I wouldn’t be the keenest of observers, in what should or should not happen to Irish towns and villages.

Brian O’ Hanlon

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