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K.b2: interesting and illuminating reply, but there is a real issue about both how to treat ‘redundant’ spaces (e.g. market places or wide main streets) and where to locate both large supermarkets and adequate carparking. Good street furniture (which does not have to be elaborate or trendy), designated parking (non-dominant), supermarkets with real street frontage (i.e. not fronted by parking), an anti-dereliction policy and the concentration of essential services in town and village centres are some of the ingredients. And get rid of the wires and tone down the colour schemes; it’s not rocket science, nor expensive. Every settlemnt of any size shopuld have an agreed design guideline to which people can readily buy in.

(And note to Gareth,etc. – not only are the posts far too long, but the medium of the computer screen is totally different to that of the printed page; after about half-a-dozen lines, the eyes – and the mind – glaze over. The computer equivalent of a page-and-a-half is about a dozen lines maximum. I’m sure the arguments are fascinating, but they are too long to ingest.)

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