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Just seeing the Palace above, I read recently that the entire East Front’s LED lighting scheme by Phillips consumes the same amount of power as a domestic kettle – about 2000w. By any yardstick a remarkable achievement!

This thread seems to have a focus on floodlighting, so perhaps it is appropriate that the buildings illuminated in green for St. Patrick’s Day go here. It was a great inititive by the Festival organisers and participants that worked to often stunning effect.

Clerys looked magnificent for once – its usual haphazard array of differently coloured floods unified by a veil of green gels.

Shame about the various blown strips above. Still, the contrast of the green neatly catching the cornice and the crisp white above was wonderful.

City Hall.

At long last the opportunity was also taken to replace bulbs that were blown for as long as I can remember. The handsome institutional lamp standards of the Rates Office opposite were also repaired.

Bulbs were also replaced on Penneys as part of this project. We really should do this more often!

Without question this is one of the most elegant lighting schemes in the city, mounted above the best contemporary shopfront in the city. An example of magnificent presentation and maintenance of a flagship historic property – again arguably the best case of its kind in Dublin. The green lighting doesn’t do justice to the elegance of this floodlighting scheme after dark. It’s so refined in soft white light.

Guinness’s beautiful Regency composition on James’s Street is permanently illuminated in green, which unfortunately is distinctly naff for most of the year. At least it was relevant for a few days.

We’ll talk about other recent interventions here another day…

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