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HUME STREET UPDATE – good and bad news

BAD – they have been in the past two weekends and removed the rest of the lead – both from the front parapet and attached to adjacent buildings – SICK

GOOD – finally talked to Labour TDs and councillors directly and it is now High priority – also met FG TD on way to dinner or to negotiations with Labour (Hume st IS beside the seat of power in this great city of ours) and passed on info …he said get onto local TD who tends to very loud about planning… get her on the blower with the owner…

This is knocking on doors stuff, sending emails, acting like a neighborhood vigilante. I am thinking of sitting out in my van next weekend as security.

G*d help poor Arldborough house being out of the way like that. But Hume street has very few residents and it is the weekends that the thieves come. One resident saw guys go in at 3 am – called the Gardai, the drove around , left , then later two guys walked out front door with black bags and got into taxi !!!!!???????

anyway we have to change the legislation and stop these heritage criminals, both bad developers and dealers, thieves of lead.

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