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Id like to have kept to the original thread kept our egos and sensitivities out of this and not argue semantics.
Jaysus what is it with some people on this forum … you say Ireland isnt responsible for global warming and suddenly your quoted as saying your in favour of high rises and flyovers…
I wasnt implying we shouldnt take an interest in fact I did say its an oppurtunity for Ireland to once again lead the way and Id argue as we historicaly werent a major polluter we should not have to shoulder an inbalance in responsibility, but I never said we should run riot with our emissions. Besides by your logic the yak farmer in Mogolia with a carbon footprint in the +200 range should be condemed for his ignorance too. Sure the Germans, French , mainland europeans are more educated about re-cycling (big deal) have been doing it for years and are shocked when they see us thrash our little Dannone actimels.. but heh we still come in way under the radar as regards which one of us is impacting climate change the most. Its a bit like the old buying indulgences from the papacy, or like Al Gore would argue he buys carbon credits in the African savannah to offset his huge electricity bill, 24×7 heated indoor swiming pool etc , so his footprint is balanced and ignorant paddy is to blame cos he doesnt know what his footprint is. Im not going to stand by and let someone take some kind of educated high-ground calling Irish people ignorant. Id prefer to be ignorant and not-recyling with low emissions than educated recycling but with a high-carbon footprint.
Can we get back to solving Irelands urban design failings now…Get the whole nation behind a grand concept of an eco city, improve design and cut down emmissions two birds with one quill.

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