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I don’t believe this.

Why is building stealth submarines good? Would you be happy if we were like the US, spending more on defence than the rest of the world combined (not to mention spending $275 million a day on a catastrophically mismanaged, probably illegal war)? Now there’s impressive spending. They must be winners.

Why compare with other countries? What constitutes success?

Lol funny that darkman was pointing out the failure to think big about things. I think its intringed in the irish mentality as evidenced by your awnser. Why bother having a military then ? in fact lets not bother having the police either sure who needs them eh? why indeed when we can get others to defend our country thats it theyll come to our rescue…..

Its this mentality that has our armed services in a state where they are the biggest joke of europe. And people like you then claim sure the money would be better spent on the homeless or big grand wastes of money like the dublin port tunnel. Yeah…i think that was darkman’s point all along….small mindedness of irish will never change.

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