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@tfarmer wrote:

anyone who has travelled extensively in the world knows always says oh things are better over there than here and sure there are bad things about every country in the world whether it be in social terms or architecture.

But theres something about ireland i know what darkman is saying its the laziness of the people the couldn’t give a sh*t attitude about things. Heres an example. walking down the road in a middle to upper class area yesterday all i see is dogsh8T and litter thrown all over the place …. not just small amounts of it large quantites of it the type youd see in the news in iraq where they have no sanitation facilities and im thinking myself jesus why dont they just clean the place once a week…. but then its the lazy irish attitude of ahhh couldn’t give a sh’t if it doesnt affect me why should i bother.

thats the difference right there and it permutates to every aspect of irish life unfortunately including building large scale projects ahhh sure why would we do that i dont see the point in that…you just want large builidings coz reason A B C …

I’d have to agree tfarmer but not everyone here is like that 😉 In general you are right though. Should the appreciation of these things be taught starting in primary school? What do people think?

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