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What did you think of The Dubline? Did you have any views on what all that lovely lolly should be spent on before it was spent. Are you an architect? Did you fancy tendering for a commission to make your mark on Dublin’s Discovery Trail?


The Dubline budget of €4m wont go all that far with big ticket items like this on board. I could easily see this sink a couple of million when all is said and done. And the value of building something new as a tourist information centre must be questioned when there are so many buildings lying vacant across the city and along this route.

The above design is by Sean Harrington as is the concept for High Street (below). Sean seems to be the designer du jour for lots of the big spenders in Dublin…Failte Ireland (the Dubline), Temple Bar (Unrealised 2004 Framework, Meeting House Square Umbrellas), Dublin City Council (Millennium Bridge etc)

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