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Spencer Dock? Why not Connolly Station, for example?

– Connolly is unsuitable for underground tunnelling.
– Spencer Dock already has a line from the northern line which leads into it
– The northern line is an elevated track (from just before Killester Station and after Grand Canal Dock station) and you need to get around 15m below ground level for the tunnel. To get under Connelly, the tunnel needs to start near Killester station.

St. Stephen’s Green? Why was it important that the line go through here? (And please don’t say “integration”

Sorry mate, Integration -Luas (Green) (possibly Lucan), Metro tram, DART, and the fact its a popular shopping area as well as many people work around there too.

Pearse Station? Why not Tara Street? It’s busier

– Very tight coming from Spencer Dock, and very tight going from Tara to the Green
– It only very busy because of the current config. the 2 DART lines. metro north tram and the Stephens Grn stop will change all that.

Don’t forget, the city’s buses carry many times more people than the Green LUAS line.

What, along the same route more buses carry more passengers that the Luas? Or are you referring to the whole city network compared to one narrow line.

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