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Just to be clear, i have no desire at all to see metro north or particularly the interconnector delayed. If there was no other option i would reluctantly concede that the works & required felling to facilitate same are necessary.

If the RPA insist on pushing ahead with their spectacular version of ‘An Larism’ by terminating metro north at SSG, making future (and inevitable) expansion a real pain in the ass as stated by pvc & many others … they could at least spare us the uneccessary price.

Missarchi’s suggestion does seem to be a credible alternative; Large sections of SSG North & West are essentially dead road space & could be cordoned off without significant traffic disruption. Obvioulsy it involves the temporary shifting of the luas terminus to lower harcourt, with perhaps a turn back shunt required on Clonmel Street, a relatively small & temporary inconvenience.

@alonso wrote:

The basic question is are we prepared to take the pill required to deliver transport infrastructure.

Yes, large scale disruption is often inevitable, but not irreparable consequences from same when there are alternatives – that could by the way also do the RPA a favour. Why tip toe around the green with the added trouble & expense of covering your tracks? when you can take the adjacent road space, do whatever you have to do & reinstate with relative ease.

@ST/OPW wrote:

“We’ve asked them to keep the number of trees to be felled to a minimum, 40 – 50 tops, everything will be reinstated afterwards”

@ST/DOEHLG wrote:

“The department is keeping the situation under review”, a spokesman for Gormley said, “If permission is given it will be on the basis that the green is restored to its present state”

Not possible John and 40 – 50 trees is fairly substantial.

@ST/RPA wrote:

The RPA has promised to hire an arbocultural specialist to advise on the management of the trees. Only those identified as being close to the end of their life will be removed, it says, and they will be replaced.

That would be none, these trees are only getting in to their stride.

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