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Cute Panda: Time again to contemplate the often forgotten fact that good government arises out of the mediation of extremes, I would be annoyed if PF’s concerns derailed the metro project but I am glad he holds them so passionately and is able to express them so well, the concern and objection of people like him will help protect the park from needless damage, similarly, your views, though not so well expressed, are typical of those that help drive the project forward, between the two extremes lies the ideal, the metro is built but the damage to Green is kept to the minimum.

It is silly to pretend that the felling of mature tree would not be a loss, it will. Further, unless great care is taken, the rebuilt portion of the park will lack the sense of nature begrudgingly but beautifully tamed and it would be a huge pity if the metro exits impinged on the Green itself, as they appear to in the map at the start of this thread.

You don’t often get to see philosophy and common sense delivered with poetic clarity.

When they bring in the directly elected mayor for Dublin, notjim gets my vote.

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