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@ctesiphon wrote:

Why is the date of 1880 so important?

Its current format as set out by Guinness dates from 1880. It has remained largely intact since then, with some minor interventions. The vast majority of boundary trees were planted at that time and are clearly rounding the 100 year+ mark, still juvenile for a beech & many other species.

Obviously the OPW are charged with ensuring its future & several replacement batches have been planted in tandem over decades to achieve layering, its common & standard parctice. A new batch of horse chestnut’s on chesterfield avenue are down are number of years now to prepare for the day when all existing will be felled, thats as it should be.

Perphas i’m being sentimental here, but the trees of SSG stand in stark contrast to the majority of our street trees, most of which should be felled & replaced.

Anyway enough of this, i’m off to the pub 😉

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