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@alonso wrote:

eh… you sure? Maybe not directly south but it’s close to the entire D2 office core which now stretches to Harcourt St. The Wexford./Aungier/Camden area is south of it too, which as we all know is where the real night time action is in Dublin

Arrgh comments should not always be taken literally! It’s comparatively quiet south of Stephen’s Green.

Everyone’s opinions – me included – on where public transport should be focussed are influenced by where we live, work, frequent etc. If we find it annoying that we can’t get from X to Y by public transport, we think public transport should be put in there. Noone is purely for the greater good. Everyone has an agenda.

Btw never liked the Camden-Wexford Street area for going out myself. Can’t think of one good pub except Swan Aungier Street.

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