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I don’t understand the Grand Central Station comparisons. Firstly, wouldn’t a European Hauptbanhof or Gare Centrale have been more appropriate? (What continent are we on?) Secondly, this is not the place for a Dublin “Grand Central” type station. There is nothing happening south of this point. The top of Grafton Street marks the end of the busy area between Parnell Square and Stephen’s Green. O’Connell Street or College Green is the obvious place.

Not in favour of underground anyway. The timeframe is too long. Dublin needs quicker help. Overground rail and electric buses running on dedicated routes. Get all these idiot single-occupant cars out of the way. That includes taxis. Deregulation is starting to fuck up the city very badly. Taxis seem to perversely pass as “public transport”, but their civic and environmental impact is the same as the private car – i.e. extremely negative. In the evenings between Wednesday and Saturday Dublin is just one big ridiculous taxi circus.

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