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@jimg wrote:

I can’t agree with the idea that the TCD cricket pitch (or Hawkins House) would be better locations for what is proposed for the Green. Both are too near existing DART stations to make an interchange with the Interconnector feasible or even desirable and thus would lead to another failed opportunity to provide integration between Dublin’s transport modes. The Green stop will integrate DART, metro, Luas and QBC buses like the 46A with sensible distances on all modes to the next stops. To be honest, losing trees in Stephen’s Green is a small price to pay for what this station will deliver in terms of pubic transport. This is a hugely significant project; there’s been nothing of this scale or ambition in Dublin since victorian times.

It would also create a concentrated triangle of public transport stations (400 or less metres apart) instead of trying to open up more areas of the city to heavy rail and metro.

The permanent loss of some trees is somewhat unfortunate but I generally find the loss of historic building stock in the city far more worthy of indignation than the loss of somewhat featureless, unremarkable and generally relatively young trees.

Finally! Jesus, between here and I thought I’d completely lost touch with this city. I would add to that a hypothetical scenario whereby the plan was to dig up TCD for 5 years instead. Would the indignation here be identical? Would all you’d have to do be a ctrl+F and replace “Stephen’s Green” with “TCD”? IS that a bit harsh perhaps?

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