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@missarchi wrote:

The labour thing is one thing but the IDA have had a decade to train for this?

The IDA have a clear mandate buy jobs that are likely to exist in 20 years time; they have a clear cost matrix that is proportional to the likely tax take from corporations profits and employees salaries. I have no doubt no transport infrastructure project would ever meet their very strict criteria.

@missarchi wrote:

Where people trained while the port tunnel was going? It was the time…
And send people overseas…

Great stream of consciousness; your point is?

@missarchi wrote:

Also the ticketing for luas is not controlled by an Irish company i.e the money?

They won it in a tender but no doubt the costs of ticketing are a minute proportion of the major inputs such as route, stations and ongoing costs such as energy, labour etc. Relevance?

@missarchi wrote:

The luas is not made in Ireland? Are the tracks made in Ireland?

Probably not, again rolling stock is a small proportion of overall cost. Relevance?

@missarchi wrote:

Was it even designed in Ireland?

Yes and that the same people are designing the Metro adds a very high risk factor to the project costs being in line with budget.

@missarchi wrote:

2 lines better than one… If they are done correctly…

And built in the right place; the region needs all projects to be ranked and prioritised in line with revised expectatations. If the proponents of this scheme are so confident what have they got to fear from a review based on sound principles of cost benefit analysis and comparison to International subvention levels including all input costs.

The land catchment a mile either side of any major rail line is going to attract a vastly disproportionate amount of commercial and residential activity. Which makes being careful with major investments all the more important in the context of a smaller investment pot.

Building a line on a different guage to the majority of the rail network and on a different ticketing system that interacts with just one existing branch line of the main rail network for the type of prices being discussed needs urgent review.

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