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If you were talking about Miami or Hong Kong airports I’d go for economic engine as both airports punch way above their weight in terms of passengers to population; they are hub airports where a large proportion of the passengers are connecting. Dublin Airport is far from the economic engine of Ireland it is simply a medium sized European airport offering flights to Europe and a limited number of North American cities; there is not one scheduled daily flight to Asia, West Africa or Latin America.

The economic engines of which there are many are the larger FDI projects such as IBM etc that are dotted all along the M50 and services such as the fund management industry and tax driven advertsing companies such as WPP which are based in the City Centre. Given the choice of office between identical buildings in Mount Street and Dublin Airport where would you want to work?

I agree that Urban Rail decides commercial location decisions but the question is not whether urban rail creates jobs; the real question is which investment in urban rail delivers most upside, clearly that is the interconnector.

I take your point on 1950’s emmigration it wasn’t pleasant and left a lot of rural communities devistated. I would however contend that unlike the 1950’s when the choices were how far you could get away depended on how much you had for the ticket that contemporary emmigration is different. People don’t land in Liverpool anymore with a brother or cousins address and an aspiration to peel carrots in a hotel.

The Irish workforce are very well regarded in the major global centres and the types of job secured are typically professional. I have no doubt that the Celtic Tiger would not have been on the same scale unless people returned from senior positions in the US, UK, Germany etc to bring in practical experience.

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