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PVC I vvas referring to long term emigration, the hundreds of thousands that are lost forever. It took 40 years to truly recover from the emptying of the island in the 1950’s and the turnaround in the 90’s had more to do vvith the demography and education of those that remained, as vvell as 1 or 2 major interventions such as FDI and the IFSC that vvere both results of the above factors as vvell as our lovv corporation tax regime.

VVhile i’m no fan of hyperbole and the grandstanding so beloved of our politicians vvhen it comes to “creating” jobs, I still fully believe that the benefits, even in the medium term vvill far outvveigh the costs. Not for one second vvill i ever claim that investment in transport vvill solve unemployment, but it vvill help. Firstly it vvill employ some directly – secondly, as vve savv in the 80’s along the DART (in vvorse socio-economic conditions) and the 00’s along the Luas, urban rail does attract and create employment. MN vvill make the economic engine of Ireland, Dublin Airport, infintely more accessible to the city centre making it easier both to do business and attract business. The catchment required to support it is there novv, the catchment to require an upgrade vvill be there by 2020.

Hold that thought for a decade and vve’ll come back as in fairness, none of us knovv the ansvvers.

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