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@alonso wrote:

why is it ok to dig the crap out of an educational facility that caters for almost 20,000 people but not a park that caters for far less and on a voluntary basis ie people don’t work or attend it for college?

Because its large recreation space can be reinstated exactly as is & can easily be accessed from nassau st. I’m talking college park here, not the entirety of its 47 acres. Never mind the benefit to trinity of having the best transport links possible, the city would have a centrally located transport hub, with entrances from north, south, east & west. In any case it was a suggestion as a possible alternative & obviously not likely.

I’d like to see foot fall through the green in one year, i’d suggest far in excess of 20k stop to enjoy its peace, & a multiple pass through.

Its not about temporary closure of the green, if they said it was to be closed in full for whatever number of years & will re open without its integrity destroyed, i’d say ok, we need the metro. That is not what the the RPA & IE are proposing to do.

If you think my ‘wailing’ is ott, grand.

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