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This tripe is from the IT where the tree hugging Frank MacDonald and his betters have been relentlessing briefing against MN.
They keep referring to the cost as 5 Billion. This is like saying that your 300,000 house cost 700,000 since that’s what you’ll pay over the 30 year mortgage.
However I have been informed that the consortia bids have come in below 2 Billion.
They also tried a scare article last year about traders being up in arms at the cut and cover of O’Connell St (it will be tunnelled).
They are a disgrace.
Look at who commissioned the study.
The DCBA have always been against MN. Shock!…they arrange a report against MN.
Further, they failed to research their facts.
Schipol is in the Randstand which has a population of 10m in an area the size of Munster.
That is the rationale for a mainline link there.
Funnily they are planning a link to the Amsterdam metro as it turns out………..wait for it………….Schipol is not accessible enough.
As I said the IT is a disgrace.

The airport link is only one component of MN.

The mainline option was looked at but decided against as it would have involved big investment for limited benefit. It will have it’s day in the longer term.
MN was decided on with it’s potential as (a) an important spine and link in creating a very necessary public transport system for Dublin and (b) as a spur to investment and develpment in Nth Co Dublin.

If you follow the IT take on this it is clear they are in the camp of that other odd academic Barret (Professor of transport economics Trinity)
He is against public transport investment and wants the money spent on more roads.

Interestingly, shortly after both LUAS lines were opened he wrote a long article in the IT saying the lesson of LUAS is that no more money should be spent on rail lines. At that point it was anticipated that a subvention would be required for LUAS. LUAS has been such a success the subvention was never needed and runs at an operating profit.
Barret seems to have gone quiet on that issue.

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