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@PVC King wrote:

People need to emmigrate .

People only need to emigrate because once again there is nothing here for them. Much of the blame for this can be attributed to the way in which we handled our environment and land over the past 15 years and how we sacrificed sustainable necessary infrastructure such as the interconnector, Metro north, Luas Lines, SChools, Hospitals, Colleges, Water and Wastewater, Broadband, Wind Farms etc etc etc in the name of building houses houses and more houses all over the shagging place. Now we need to redress that GAPING hole in our infrastructure and investing in it now has the double whammy of costing less while saving on welfare plus avoiding the brutal impact emigration can have on a society.

Ireland did not benefit one bit from decades of emigration. The country is a basket case again and only last weekend did we as a nation begin to reject cowboy gangsterism to any great degree. Maybe we should opt for a different approach this time and try to retain our brightest rather than ship them out, primarily permanently, to benefit other societies.

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