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@MrX wrote:

Is there no way that they could use one of the ugly office buildings on the Green e.g. the eircom HQ which is currently up for sale as the station head i.e. the parts where the public will actually access.

Then use a tunnel boring machine and minimally invasive access to put the rail tunnels under the Green itself.

On the plus side you’d also have a metro station that would have several floors of commercial space above it that could actually make money!

I don’t see why they would need to opt for an ‘open cast mining’ approach to the park itself! Fair enough if they have to dig up the grass or the paths, but the trees should not be touched!

Would someone please explain to me how the London Tube can snake its way under an old city centre, under buildings older than it and its stations without swathes of urban fabric being demolished?
In fact, the Jubilee Line got attention precisely because it was the first to do this “open cast” method of construction – I believe. And on that point, it was done like that only on that line because the majority of its stations did not pass through sensitive areas of conservation. And, because of the open cast method, they built wonderfully airy stations. What we are doing – astonishingly – is going to be both and neither. Fan-tastic.

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