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@igy wrote:

If what’s put back is in any way representative of what was there before then we’ll be fine

Anything constructed can be put back more or less as is, but its clear now that all of trees on the north east corner will be felled.

Everything lining the railings as far as the blue van, if not further is to go, and the park overall will always bear the scars of this serious mauling.

The contrast will be stark – The new batch of pavement lime trees planted by the OPW 4 or 5 years ago ( a fine job ) are also visible in the shot, if you get your microscope out – this is the average maturity of replacement we’ll be getting once all is done.

Of course there’ll be a few 25 – 30 year olds thrown in there so the RPA can say, look, see, no difference! but the truth is planting semi mature specimens is often unsuccessful, the tree itself will literally stand still for a number of years while it attempts to acclimatise, whereas the younger fella will establish quickly and get going.

We’ll look back and wonder was there no alternative.

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