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Upper O’Connell Street might actually make more sense from a planning and urban development point of view too. It strikes me as yet another example of building EVERYTHING south of the river.
The City Centre should naturally focus on O’Connell Street this is where any central station hub should be.

It would also provide much better access to the IFSC and Docklands developments.

Stephen’s Green really isn’t the centre of Dublin, rather it’s the centre of a fairly small inner city Georgian suburb.

I think a big metro hub, if done tastefully and well could form part of the rebirth of O’Connell Street and tie in very nicely with the huge project about to kick off on the Arnotts site.

There’s also a better chance of feeding other tramways into a hub there than there ever will be at Stephen’s Green.

E.g. if a tram link were to be built up through Dorset Street, Drumcondra, Whitehall etc

It also ties into pretty much all of the northside bus routes and has easy access to Connolly station which is a major commuter hub.

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